About Us

At Sakura Flowers, our love for blooms transcends the mere aesthetics of petals and leaves. It’s about the poetry in every bud, the story behind each arrangement, and the joy that flowers bring to life’s countless moments. Established by a tight-knit team of floral enthusiasts, our blog blossoms from a deep-rooted passion for the delicate artistry of floristry.
Named after the enchanting Sakura, or cherry blossom, our blog embodies the ephemeral beauty and symbolic renewal that these blossoms represent. The fleeting nature of the Sakura teaches us to appreciate the transient yet profound beauty of flowers and life itself.

Our Journey

Sakura Flowers began as a small seed of an idea planted by our founder, Emily Tanaka, a third-generation florist with a vision to create a digital sanctuary for flower lovers. Growing up among the serene flower gardens her grandparents nurtured, Emily found solace and inspiration in the midst of vibrant chrysanthemums, elegant lilies, and, of course, the iconic Sakura. This connection to flowers was the fertile soil from which our blog grew.
Thank you for visiting Sakura Flowers, where every day is in full bloom. Join us as we continue to explore the enchanting world of flowers together. Let’s blossom in the company of petals and find a little bit of ourselves in every fragrance and hue. Welcome to our community – where the love of floristry is always in season.